Mobile Responsive Interface for Interspire Email Marketer

Mobile Responsive design is a new way of coding web content to be compatible with mobile devices. It is called responsive because the content doesn’t actually change for the mobile device, it just shifts and resizes to display correctly. This has become a popular design method for modern HTML5 because the developer only has to design the content once for all types of devices instead of creating unique mobile and tablet versions of the content.

In the case of Interspire Email Marketer there is a great need for a user interface that is Mobile Responsive. From logging in to managing campaigns etc, the Interspire Email Marketer user interface is far from user friendly on a mobile device. Its a constant fight of pinch and zoom. For most of us we have come to deal with this reality and have done our best to be in front of a desktop computer even for the simpliest of tasks like adding a contact to a contact list. For those of us who have clients who pay a subscription fee to be able to use our Email Marketing platform this is a growing issue. Our clients expect a mobile user interface in today’s ever mobile environment.

That is why we developed a mobile version addon for Interspire Email Marketer. This addon installs without having to edit any core Interspire files. It creates a fully new skin and interface or theme for the user that is mobile responsive. Its a must have for every Interspire user.

Moble Version