Mobile Responsive IEM Interface Addon Updated

We have released an updated version of our Mobile Addon for Interspire Email Marketer. This update addresses four customer reported bugs.

  1. Users sometimes could not add contacts. It worked with a new test list but it caused an error if you try to add a contact to lists that had certain types of custom fields.
  2. When loading contact lists or email campaigns it will only load up to 200. It has been fixed to load all of them.
  3. When you send an email campaign and filter by contacts and then select the option to “Filter by opened email campaign” the drop down that should show the list of campaigns wouldn’t load. It just stalled with “Loading, please wait…”
  4. Any attempt to load stats from any campaign led to an error.

All of these issues have been resolved. Past customers can access the updated version in their download area. If you have interest in a mobile friendly way to access your Interspire Email Marketer install please consider our mobile version addon.