Mobile Phone Application for Interspire Email Marketer

Currently there is not a mobile application for Interspire Email Marketer available in Google Play or the iOS Apple App Store. Since email marketers tend to be technically savvy this can be very frustrating when trying to manage campaigns on the go.

The default Interspire Email Marketer interface is not very easy to use from a phone. Its a pinch and zoom effort at best.

Mobile Version_slide

That is why we developed our “Mobile Version” Addon. This addon recognizing when the user is accessing the install of Interspire Email Marketer from a mobile browser and serves the user a different interface that is made for the phone.

While not every function is available from this mobile interface the majority of key functions are available including:

  • Send Email Campaigns
  • View Email Campaigns
  • View Scheduled Email Que
    • Pause Campaigns
    • Stop Campaigns
    • Approve Campaigns
  • View Email Campaign Stats
    • Full stats available (graphs currently not working due to flash compatibility)
  • View Autoresponders
  • Activate or Deactivate Autoresponders
  • View Contact Lists
  • Create Contact List
  • Edit Contact List
  • Add Contact to Contact List
  • Delete Contact
  • Edit Contact
  • View/Edit User Profile and Settings