Interspire Email Marketer Ranking and Array Survey Questions

The stock Survey Interspire Email Marketer Addon first released with IEM 6.0 doesn’t include some of the more popular types of questions that are necessary for surveys. Among these are ranking and array or matrix style questions. Our newly released upgrade of the stock addon called “Advanced Survey Addon” for Interspire Email Marketer adds these and many other question types.

Array, often called matrix questions are questions that allow the survey taker to chose from several options to indicate an answer for a single indicator. For example. If you want to find out how your customer service department is doing you might send out a survey to past customers and ask them to indicate how satisfied they are about various customer service performance indicators. Perhaps you ask people to indicate either: Not Satisfied, Slightly Unsatisfied, N/A, Satisfied, or Extremely Satisfied. This is an array style question type.

Interspire Array Question Type


Ratings questions are similar in some regards but they make it easier in the reporting to isolate a single indicator. They also stick to numbers in the columns although you can chose how big of a rating scale (max is 1 to 10) you wish to have.

Ratings Question Type Interspire

Checkout these and other question types and advanced upgrades with our new survey Interspire Email Marketer addon.