Interspire Backup Addon Released

How painful would it be if you lost your Interspire Data today? If you were hacked, files corrupted, server damaged, or shut down by your host? On our marketplace we now have a new addon that simplifies the backup and restoration of both Interspire files and databases manually or on a predefined schedule. The addon can be configured to store the zipped backup files in any directory on your server.

Backup SolutionFeatures include:

  • User can set the backup directory
  • Backed Up zip files can be optionally password protected
  • User can determine how old of backup files to keep on the server
  • Non-admin users can be given access to the backup panel via User Group Settings
  • Backup files can be viewed and managed via a Backup Manager page
  • Backup files can be easily restored
  • Backups can be done manually or can be automated via CRON

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