How to Connect Interspire Email Marketer to Zapier

If you aren’t familiar with Zapier you need to check it out. In today’s world where we are all so dependent on connecting one service to another Zapier has emerged as the middle man platform.

You need every order from your shopping cart to go into an email program, Google Sheet, or Evernote? No problem there is a Zap for that. Zapier makes money by selling the individual data sends between programs. With a free account you can send a limited number of “zaps” every day. Go over that threshold and you need to start paying.

If you use Interspire Email Marketer you will start out with disappointment when you login to Zapier and search for zaps. Interspire isn’t listed. Luckily a reputable developer has created a Zap for sending data from any other Zapier connected application into Interspire Email Marketer.

Get more details here: Zapier for Interspire Email Marketer