How to Build Email Templates for Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire comes out of the box with a good number of default templates. There are a few concerns with these. First, since Interspire is so widely used you may find that the best templates are in use by many other marketers. Second, most of the templates are not mobile responsive and don’t format well on a mobile phone browser.

Email clients are very particular about the type of code that they will display in an email. Advanced coding like iframes, java, some css, and a lot of HTML will not load or render within most email clients (like gmail, yahoo, etc). So, despite the amazing things that can be coded today on the web, Email code is still very simple and archaic in many regards.

Template BuilderInterspire Email Marketer does make it relatively easy to manage HTML templates. You can build a template in any software program like dreamweaver or various online email template builders and then just copy and paste in the code into Interspire Email Marketer.

If you are looking for an easy solution you can purchase our HTML Template Builder Addon. After installing this addon you can build custom HTML templates in Interspire. Templates are built by putting together a layout consisting of modules that have been pre-crafted by us. Learn more about our HTML Email Template Builder for Interspire Email Marketer.