Export Contact Lists Without Suppressed Contacts

Interspire Email Marketer makes it difficult to deal with suppressed contacts. If you have a contact list of 100,000 contacts and 500 of them have been suppressed you could be in for a nasty shock if you ever export that contact list to upload into a different sending program. When you export it will include the suppressed contacts and not give you any indication in the exported file that they were also on the suppression list.

Right now in default Interspire there isn’t a good work around. The best you could do would be to manually export a list of banned emails from the database table email_banned_emails and somehow reference that against your exported list to filter out the duplicates. After repeated requests from our clients we have developed an Advanced User Suppression Addon that addresses this issue among other concerns with dealing with user suppression.

With our addon installed you will see a new option in the export options screen that asks you if you would like to include or exclude suppressed contacts when exporting.

Export Suppressed Contacts


As you can see from the screenshot you can also choose to export the suppressed contacts only.

Learn more about our User Suppression Addon.