Exclude On Send and Import Addon for Interspire Email Marketer Updated for v8

Greetings, Interspire enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce that our popular Exclude addon has been updated to support Interspire Email Marketer v8! This update enhances your email marketing efficiency with the following three core functions:

1. Exclude Contacts During Manual Import Easily exclude contacts based on specific contact lists or segments during manual import to avoid adding duplicate contacts. Perfect for when you are merging potential customers with existing customers who have already made a purchase for example.

2. Exclude Contacts During Send Prevent your contacts from receiving multiple versions of the same campaign by excluding selected lists or segments during your email sends. This feature allows you to refine your targeting.

3. Exclude Contacts For Autoresponders Enhance your autoresponder efficiency by excluding contacts from specific lists or segments, or based on their recent activity. Ideal for sending targeted upsell offers without including customers who have already made a purchase.

Experience greater control and accuracy in your email marketing campaigns with our updated addon. Get it today with full support for Interspire Email Marketer v8!