Exclude on Import and Send Now Available

It happens to email marketers all the time. You are about to send that email campaign out when you realize that it would be a small disaster if anyone on your delivery list was also on one or more of your other contact lists that already was sent the campaign or who for whatever reason SHOULDN’T get it.

If you use Interspire Email Marketer you have been there before. Your current best option is to export the two (or more) contact lists and attempt to merge them into a single excel file. Sort by one of the columns and search for duplicates. It is tedious for certain but it also is a huge time waster.

We are introducing a new product in our IEM Addon store that will change all of this. “Exclude on Import and Send” gives you the option to select any number of lists whose contacts will be excluded from an email campaign should they also be on the sending list(s) you have selected.

In addition this powerful addon gives you the ability to dedupe on import to essentially block the import of any contact in your import file who already exists on any other given contact list you select.

Sound like something that could help you? Installation is simple and anyone can do it. Contact us with questions or buy it today.