Exclude Contacts IEM Addon Updated

In late September 2016, our team released an update for our popular Exclude Contacts Addon for Interspire Email Marketer. The addon has always been a favorite among our customers as marketers often have the need of excluding contacts from email campaigns.

For example, you may be sending out a promotional email to a primary marketing list but wish to exclude contacts who already purchased the product. If you have a customer contact list they can be easily excluded during the send.

This update addressed the following issues:

1: The addon was not giving the user the option to exclude contacts when the send was filtered. This has been corrected.

2: The addon was often showing a blank box where contact list options should have been when creating an autoresponder. This has been corrected.

3: Previously it was a little confusing when sending a campaign if the user didn’t want to exclude anyone. By default, the option “Exclude contacts via list” was always selected. This part of the interface has been changed by adding a default option of “Do not exclude contacts” to the sending process.


In addition to fixing these bugs, we have also added the following features:

1: The option to exclude contacts based on recency. If selected the user can input a number of days and any contact on the designated sending list(s) that has received any email or autoresponder in the last x days will be excluded.

2: In the final sending confirmation page a new section has been added to show how many contacts are being excluded from each list or segment that was selected. This helps the user confirm that the sending options are correct before scheduling the campaign.