Contact Mover Addon For Interspire Email Marketer Updated

This week we released an update to the Contact Mover Addon for Interspire Email Marketer. This update to version 1.5 adds some much-needed features and addresses a bug.

What Changed?

Some users were experiencing a bug in which the addon seemed to ignore the designated number of days it is supposed to wait before moving/copying a contact to the destination list. This bug has been addressed.

The following features have been added:

  • Previously the only data that was copied/moved to the destination contact list was the email address of the contact. Now all matching fields between the origin and destination list will also be copied/moved
  • A new option has been added to choose if newly created contacts on the destination list will receive autoresponders or not.

For Those Who Will Be Upgrading

Please note that updating to the latest version of this plugin will erase all data for this addon. Take a screenshot of your current mapped lists within the plugin so you can replicate/replace those contact mover campaigns after you upgrade.

To upgrade first download the updated files from your my account page.

Disable and uninstall the addon from your admin dashboard.

Upload the new files to overwrite the existing addon files via FTP

Reinstall and enable the addon.