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Product Specific Questions:

General Questions:

Not necessarily. We cannot guarantee that any of our addons are other available products are compatible with each other or with any other custom development or addons you may have on your IEM installation. Ask before buying and we can guide you.

Its possible that some or many of your files have been tweaked or that your system configuration is not perfectly compatible with our addons. If for any reason something doesn’t work right after installation you may need to be able to revert back while we analyze and consider the issue.

Using FTP software connect to your server and download all the files in your Interspire Email Marketer to your local machine. This is a good practice every few months anyway. In addition to backing up the files, you should also perform a backup of the MySQL Databases. If you are not sure how to connect via SSH or PHP MyAdmin and backup the databases contact your hosting provider’s support.

Yes, after you purchase any of our products we will give you automatic access to future updates, versions, and releases.

No, most of our products are extremely simple to install. You can check our support portal and submit a ticket if you get stuck or need guidance but installation is not part of our product or service.

We give you the full source code so as to make it as easy as possible to combine it with other custom development you may have on your IEM installation. Please consider that this means you can install this on as many IEM installations as you wish but we are restricting you, based on good faith and an honor system, to not share it with others or post the files online for others to access. Thanks in advance for your good ethics.

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