Contact Mover Addon


The essential idea is to either Move OR Copy contacts from one list to another on a cron based schedule.


This addon was built at the request of a customer. The essential idea is to either Move OR Copy contacts from one list to another on a cron based schedule.

For example, perhaps you have a lead based web form. Everytime someone fills out that form and is added to a specific lead list (List A) you also need that contact to be added to a primary master list (List B).

Using this addon you can create a task to automatically check List A for contacts that have been subscribed a minimum of X days and move or copy those contacts to List B.

Features include:

  • Setup as many tasks as you like.
  • Determine the number of days a contact must be on the origin list in order to be moved/copied to the destination list.
  • Optionally mark the origin contact as unsubscribed
  • Choose if newly created contacts on destination list should be marked as confirmed or unconfirmed.
  • Grant access to Contact Mover tool to user groups


As an example. I want to take contacts on LEAD LIST A and after a few days of sending them autoresponders I want to copy that contact to MASTER CONTACT LIST. So for list I select LEAD LIST A and I select the radio button “Copy.” For the Days Span column I indicate 3 days. If the contact joins the list on June 1st, then on June 4th at 12am they will be copied to the destination list which I choose from the List B column dropdown.


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