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    Thanks Jacob for putting this together. It is needed as there is very little activity on the main IEM forum.

    Looking forward to meeting other IEM users and developers.




    Yeah thanks Jacob. Great job, the IEM forum is a pain in the butt to navigate. Possibly because I was never inspired to use it. I like things “In Your Face” so to speak. Only one thing I would like to mention though if ya dont mind. Pale grey backgrounds and slightly darker text makes it difficult to read. There are a few sites on the net that do this but I personally find it difficult as I use a 50 inch plasma TV as monitor on the wall 8 feet away as I sit on the settee.

    Apart from that. Good one.



    Yep, just echoing @Stephen’s comments above – like the idea of your forum, but am struggling to read the text and even to find the box to write this reply in! (and I’m not sitting in luxury on the settee, either 😉



    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just made a few changes that should improve the site. Changed font color to straight black and added a visual editor. That should help!



    Cheers Jacob. LOL Listsuk.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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