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TinyMCE Editor Addon for Interspire Email Marketer Updated - Our latest blunder was discovered by a customer who was using our TinyMCE editor addon. What was the issue? An error relating to the image manager and image upload tool. Users were unable to consistently access their saved images in their gallery.
TinyMCE Editor Addon Updated - We had previously created an addon for Interspire Email Marketer that updates the editor to the latest version of TinyMCE. In mid July 2017 we updated that addon again to the latest version of TinyMCE to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Google Chrome.
SendGrid Addon For Interspire Email Marketer Released - SendGrid is a popular and reliable SMTP service provider. If you want to use Interspire Email Marketer as your application and SendGrid as your SMTP service you will find one significant issue…. BOUNCE PROCESSING. You have probably reviewed the SendGrid/Interspire integration documentation but found that when it comes to bounce integration you basically have to hire a […]
Exclude Addon Updated – Autoresponders Bug Resolved - We had a customer report that the functionality related to autoresponders was not working. The interface allowed the user to designate a list or segment to exclude from the autoresponder but those contacts were not being excluded and the settings were not saving. This issue has been resolved with this release effective May 23rd, 2017.