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Interspire Email Marketer Version 6.1.8 Released - Version 6.1.8 of Interspire Email Marketer has been released with some focuses on security patches and updating MySQL
Moving Interspire Email Marketer to HTTPS Secure - The move to HTTPS protocol will not only give your users a greater sense of security but it will also increase deliverability and decrease issues with tracked links being blocked by spam and anti-virus software.
Suppression Management Addon Updated - Based on customer feedback we have finished and published an update for our Interspire Email Marketer Suppression Management product. This addon makes it easier to import, export, search & delete suppressed contacts and much more related to managing suppressed contacts.
TinyMCE Editor Addon for Interspire Email Marketer Updated - Our latest blunder was discovered by a customer who was using our TinyMCE editor addon. What was the issue? An error relating to the image manager and image upload tool. Users were unable to consistently access their saved images in their gallery.