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contact-mover Contact Mover Addon Released for Interspire Email Marketer - Recently at the request of a customer we developed this new addon whose sole purpose is to either Move OR Copy contacts from one list to another on a cron based schedule. For example, perhaps you have a lead based web form. Everytime someone fills out that form and is added to a specific lead […]
search-suppressed-contacts-interspire-email-marketer Suppression Management Addon Released - So with that in mind we have developed an addon which is designed with the primary purpose of making it easier to Search, Export, and Delete via import, Suppressed contacts. It is like a dream come true for users who have big suppression lists.
different font sizes Controlling Font Size in Interspire Email Marketer - If you are having some issues getting your fonts to be the desired size in Interspire Email Marketer this tutorial is for you. By default the Interspire editor does some interesting things when you try to change the font size.
harden iem Massive Security Vulnerability Interspire Email Marketer - The sender, who I will refer to as the “hacker” moving forward responded to the inquiry. He is essentially selling a guide to “how to hack IEM” which allows anyone to enter any IEM install and use it as if the user had a system admin account. You can send email, export contacts etc. The […]