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Interspire Email Marketer No Longer For Sale - So, if you were holding out on Interspire rolling out a lot of great features you are on your own. Stop holding your breath. Either migrate to a different platform that is still being developed or make/buy the addons you need to get the features you want!
Interspire Eliminates Customer Forums - Interspire has updated their site in a very significant way and the forums are gone. The forums were only ever supposed to be available to licensed users to Interspire but now nobody has access for new conversations or as a resource to look for information previously posted.
How to Migrate Interspire Email Marketer To A New Server - There are a number of reasons why you may need to change servers. Perhaps your host doesn’t like you or you have outgrown their resources. Either way its time to move on and you need a simple guide to follow. This is your guide.
Sendgrid Addon for Interspire Email Marketer Updated For 6.1.8 - Previously our SendGrid addon had only been tested up to Interspire version 6.1.6. By demand of our customers we’ve updated the addon to be compatible with 6.1.8. If you use Sendgrid with Interspire Email Marketer you have to have a custom addon like this one in order to process bounced contacts. We stand behind our […]